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Custom Aquariums and Aquarium Cabinets

Advanced Reef Management designs custom works of art to suit your aquarium desires. We will work with you to design and build your custom acrylic or glass aquarium in either saltwater or freshwater to fit your lifestyle and/or business theme.  Below you will find a step-by-step explanation of the custom aquarium process:

Step 1:  Decide where in your home or business you would like to have your aquarium. A custom aquarium can be placed virtually anywhere that you could think of and can be utilized for various applications. For example, a tank in the lobby/waiting area of any business or restaurant can make a serene, enduring first impression; a tank in the living room of your home can create an air of tranquility and may double as a learning experience for the entire family.

Step 2:  Contact our sales team for a free consultation. Someone from our staff of professionals will come to you and find out all of your expectations. We will take all necessary pictures and measurements of the space chosen; not only for fabrication but also to consider your existing décor when designing the work.

Step 3:  Aquarium Design Phase. Based on your requirements and desires, our team will design all tank stands, cabinetry, aquarium filtration, lighting and, of course, the aquarium itself. We also work with architects, designers and contractors to integrate your custom aquarium seamlessly into your decor.

Step 4:  Installation. Most tanks can be installed in one visit; however, some larger glass aquariums may have to be built on location.

Step 5:  Once your system is fully operational, we offer full-service maintenance and aquascaping.

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Custom Aquariums and Aquarium Cabinets For Your Home, Office Or Business